Monday, 18 April 2011


What a couple of weeks its been! This time 14 days ago I was in midair, en route to New York. From there things really became a blur encompassing 3 nights and 12 meetings in the city, one new band signed, some very exciting possible deals discussed, brief excursions to Philly and Boston, the greatest converted warehouse I've ever seen, my first ever Long Island show, a never-ending hunger for steak, one sleepless one and one sleepy flight. I came crashing back into Oxford one week ago and almost immediately left again for London where this happened:

One of my favourite gigs in a very long time as Tall Ships packed out (twice over) The Social where everyone from T4's Steve Jones to radio hero Steve Lamacq and our favourite DJ/promoter, Huw Stephens, were spotted. The next two days were written off with flu before another London trip for Record Store Day, the Pink Mist launch party, the release (and all but selling out of) our debut 12" compilation, and more of the above from Tall Ships, Hymns, Rosa Valle and Teej. A truly wonderful day.

Today my US email catchup begins and hopefully ends. Tomorrow the US mailorder catchup begins and must definitely end. Wednesday is the next installment from Surf Wax America, this time headlined by Olympians doing a set of Weezer covers, and then Thursday promises another sleepless night as we leave Oxford early evening bound for a 2am ferry to Belgium for Groezrock. By the time I write on here again, I will have seen 'Full Collapse' played live in full.

Here's the new Shapes video:


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