Friday, 11 March 2011

Hello Pink Mist

I came on here with the best intentions, promising myself I'd write something different to the spiel I just knocked up for the website news page. But having read that through again, it seems to quite nicely sum up what it is I'd like to say, so let's start with a lazy copy and paste job...
This has been a very long time in the making so it's with great pleasure we can finally unveil Pink Mist, the new collective formed by Big Scary Monsters alongside our friends at Holy Roar and Blood And Biscuits.

Long time fans of BSM should already be well aware of these two wonderful labels as we've worked with them in the past (with HR on the Holy Monsters split 10" and then B&B on the two Tall Ships EPs), our bands have shared the stage on numerous occasions and we've spent many a good hour winding one another up on Twitter. Pink Mist is our way of solidifying this friendship, partnering up to work on many lovely things together and providing us with more resources than ever before to continue finding and working with the best new bands from around the world. The three labels will continue to work separately as ever before, but you'll notice the PM logo cropping up on all of our releases and in time, we'll be welcoming other friends (and not just record label ones at that) into the fold, effectively creating a tiny community of DIY enthusiasts and hard-working champs.

It all kicks off on 16th April (Record Store Day) with a free entry launch party at Rota in London - lineup to be announced soon - alongside a very special pink and white 12" compilation release, featuring brand new and exclusive tracks from 12 of our bands. This is then followed in May by the first Pink Mist showcase tour featuring the awesome Three Trapped Tigers and our very own Tall Ships. The dates for which are listed at the bottom of this post.

You can read more about Pink Mist at, follow it on Twitter and Like it on Facebook. All of our new releases will be distributed across the UK by Essential, with European partners to be announced shortly, whilst digital releases will be handled by Believe. Physical releases are lovingly crafted by the good people at Disc Manufacturing Services and ACD/Sleeve.

Pink Mist showcase tour #1 feat. Three Trapped Tigers and Tall Ships:

14.05 - Brighton, The Great Escape
15.05 - Southampton, Talking Heads
16.05 - Cambridge, The Portland
18.05 - Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
19.05 - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar
20.05 - Liverpool, Kazimer (Sound City)
21.05 - Glasgow, GSA
22.05 - Newcastle, Head of Steam
23.05 - Manchester, Night and Day
24.05 - Sheffield, The Harley
25.05 - Leeds, Nation of Shopkeepers
26.05 - Preston, Mad Ferret
27.05 - Bristol, Start The Bus
28.05 - Meadowlands Festival, Glynde Place
31.05 - London, Cargo

So, how was that? Make sense?

Simon (Blood And Biscuits), Alex (Holy Roar) and I have had numerous "meetings" (drinks) discussing this plan over the past year and we think it's a pretty cool idea. We've each worked together on numerous projects in the past, starting with the aforementioned releases for me, as well as the last two Rolo Tomassi albums for Alex and Simon (through their roles as Rolo's co-manager and A&R at Hassle Records) and the Gallops EP, which they co-released last year. Pink Mist is a posh way of saying "hey that was fun, let's do it again" only now with a more official title, a little extra purpose and a bit of a plan.

As I briefly alluded to in the above, we hope to eventually welcome more people into the Pink Mist fold, building what will hopefully become a small community of likeminded individuals with a creative flair and passion for the DIY music scene, who can help one another out and work together with us in one big, lovely family. It's all a little Utopian right now, but the next few months will give us a fair idea of how it all fits together and in the short term, we collectively have the best part of 50 amazing releases coming at you this year!

Alex is hitting SXSW next week and I'm heading over to New York, Boston and Philadelphia at the start of April for (too many) meetings about some ridiculously exciting ideas, potential new signings and hopefully one or two routes into bringing more of our European based bands to the American shores, as we started to work on last year. Its been a brilliant start to the year and things are only going to get better from here, so keep an eye on the Pink Mist Tumblr (and of course the usual BSM channels!) for all of the latest and greatest updates.

If recent form is anything to go by, this will be my last post for a while, so I better make it a good finish. How's this grab you?