Monday, 31 January 2011

Hold Your New Single

Hold Your Horse Is release 'Forgive And Forget' as a free digital single today. You can get it from their website

The video for the single is below. Watch carefully and you may spot Frank Turner, Entrepreneurs (Adam from Elle Milano, for those who remember that awesome band) as well as members of Stagecoach, &U&I, Reuben, Foe, Our Lost Infantry and more.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

One year on

Happy new year, everyone!

How things change in a year, hey? In January 2010 we were getting set to announce Andrew WK's square-shaped 7" single and Walter Schreifels debut album. Talons were about to set off for a week with Johnny Foreigner and Shapes were confirmed to support Glassjaw and Pulled Apart By Horses on their tour. Tall Ships were a band we had only just started speaking to, and Blakfish were still a band. I spent much of that month sitting at my computer pulling my hair out and trying to get to grips with the well scary idea of a 52 part singles club, whilst kicking myself for not taking a longer Christmas break.

Fast-forward to January 2011 and things couldn't be more different. Right now I have no new releases to announce, very little happening on the touring front, not so much as a furrowed brow over the beginning stages of our new 52 part singles club, and if anything, am struggling to adapt back to a working life after taking a 3 week festive break. It may sound like the beginning stages of a quiet year, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Equally, I couldn't be happier.

After the stress-fest that was 2010, '11 promises to be a really fun year for BSM. When I say I have no new releases to announce, this isn't quite true, I just have none I'm going to tell you about today. Right now is all about waiting for deliveries, so that the working year can really kick off, and playing festive email catchup. Once those things are underway I may have a couple of things you'll be interested in. In the mean time, here's a handful of label bits to look out for this year...
  • BSM111 will be a book. Our first (of possibly many) and arguably the best value for money music you'll find all year. It also has a clever title, but you'd need to be a bit of a superfan to get it. All will be revealed shortly.
  • The BSM 5-a-side football tournament will be back in July, hopefully bigger, better and potentially of more benefit to lots of people, than ever before. This one is at least four rum-filled meetings and many phone calls away from announcement, but I hope to have more to tell you in the spring. Training for Team BSM begins next week and I'm not even joking.
  • Technology is the name of the game this year as we look to make a few little changes and embrace a couple of services we've unfortunately struggled to find time to trial in the past. The sorry decline of Myspace started a long time ago but this looks to be the year when everyone presses the big, red 'delete account' button and moves on to digital pastures new. We're no exception and I'm disappointinly excited by the prospect of testing out a few new platforms. As it turns out, I'm a massive geek.
  • Record labels are continuously evolving and I think it's quite likely that 2011 will see the biggest step forward so far in our long-term plans. #pinkmist
The new issue of Rock Sound just arrived with a rather lovely piece on Shapes in their tips for 2011 feature, so I'm off to read that. Byeeeee