Wednesday, 15 December 2010


It's no secret that Banquet Records is our favourite UK record shop. As if their fine taste and never-ending support of our humble little label (and the independent music scene in general) wasn't enough, they throw the best parties Kingston could ever wish for and will continue to be the lynchpin of one of this countries most thriving scenes for a long time to come.

Throughout December they're running an advent calendar, giving away awesome prizes every day. To coincide with our night at New Slang last Thursday they offered a load of free BSM MP3s and 10 bundles of CDs to lucky winners. I now have the difficult task of picking them.

Banquet's web guy, fellow Nando's lover, Man City fan and all-round dashing chap, Tom Pennington, suggested I film a video of said winners being drawn. "I'm sitting here in a dressing gown with a pink towell draped over my head, absolutely full of cold" said I. "There will be no video". Instead, I'm staying behind the comfort of my computer screen and giving you my 10 favourite entries from those posted on their website...

Muhammad Johar - for his use of smiley faces, Twitpic and video cameras

Carrie_hw - for very patiently waiting for her BSM100 order, and probably owning more BSM releases than I do now!

Ben Andrewes and Michael Webb - cos I like to imagine them fighting over the division of the prizes. Shared custordy, people.

ejolleys - for meeting someone special at a BSM gig

lee_from_winchester - for also meeting someone special at a BSM gig. And I don't mean Walter Schreifels, although he's special too

tom__ftw - cos summer '09 was my favourite, too

Scott Williams - for being a big fan... with poor taste in football teams

Greg Moore - for watching Colour play whilst standing on bins outside of a sold out venue

Rob Godley - for wordplay

Azaelgon - for absolutely breaking my heart. Get in touch, I want to send you another CD!

Thanks to everyone who entered, it was a really difficult decision and it means a lot that so many of you took the time to write such nice things. If you were there for Tall Ships and Tangled Hair on Thursday, I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you enjoyed my little DJ set. Will Smith 'Miami'? You're welcome.