Friday, 19 November 2010

Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody

Over the next 6 months BSM will be going a little quieter on the new release front as we start the build up towards our mid-2011 album campaigns and dedicate a little time to the finer things in life. Things such as updating the website, filling in tax returns, updating some very outdated systems of ours, moaning about how Christmas isn't as fun as it used to be, and scouring the world for our next wave of new signings. I'm going to need some help with one or two of these things (seriously, how do you make Christmas fun again?) and this is where you come in.

Have a read through the below and if you make it to the end still thinking "that doesn't sound too shit", get in touch and we'll have a chat.
  • Ideally I'm looking for someone based in or around Oxford who could offer up a few hours per week to come here and help with mailorders, collections and deliveries, and some online work. We have broadband internet, a spare computer and Sky Sports News. And best of all; I don't drink tea, so frankly I couldn't give a crap how good you are at making it. HOWEVER, a close friend or relative working in a local bar with potential to supply free liquor is a distinct advantage. Equally, anyone with good gambling tips will be well received.
  • Having said all of that, I'm also willing to consider people from all around the world (the alcohol and gambling thing still stands) as many of the tasks will be based online, so don't be put off if you're our one regular blog reader from Peru. I'd still love to hear from you.
  • I won't lie, some of the jobs won't be a whole lot of fun. Stuffing envelopes is tedious, as is making countless website tweaks, updating mailing lists, compiling press reports, researching and sending numerous emails to strangers you know will ignore you. These are the kind of things you'll be doing.
  • It's not all doom and gloom, though. Meeting and getting to know lots of awesome people and working closely with some brilliant bands is very rewarding, as is going to lots of gigs and getting free CDs. And if you're one of those people who gets genuinely excited about HTML, graphic design or spreadsheets, I definitely want to hear from you. A bit of work experience at an independent record label can also look good on your CV and some of the people who've previously helped out have gone on to find bigger and better paid roles elsewhere soon afterwards.
  • Not wanting to sound like an arse, but I'm going to be quite specific about the kind of person I'm looking for here. Based on previous experience, this just isn't a job for everyone, so let's save each other some time and figure that out now. What I'm after is someone who is creative, with lots of bright ideas and a willingness to work hard. If I'm going to ask you for an opinion on something and you just shrug at me, it's not going to work. A good knowledge of the industry would be a bonus but not essential. Similar rules apply with your music taste; if it's good, great, if it's bad, that's still ok, we can always talk about the weather. A fair bit of the work will be based online, ranging from updating the website to setting up and maintaining certain social network profiles, so you need to be computer literate and ideally have some knowledge of web design. You need to be contactable, honest and not a dickhead. If you're local and will be working here, the dickhead thing is doubley important, I'd also like it if you don't smell. The label is run from my flat so you may have to face occasional rants about the neighbours, Fantasy Football discussions every Friday afternoon, drop-ins from friends and family, and me leaving you to work whilst I sleep off a hangover.
I think that pretty much covers everything for now. If you're serious about helping out, get in touch and tell me a bit about yourself. Who you are, where you're based, what your interests are, any previous experience in the industry, what you feel your strengths are and, perhaps most importantly of all, what you would like to get out of this role. I don't want this to be a one-sided thing where only the label gains from your hard work, I'd like to make it a good fit where I can find jobs which will interest you and hopefully help with your future career in this crazy little industry.

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