Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dublin and gifts

Today is my first day back at the computer in a week. I spent the weekend in Dublin watching lots of cool bands, meeting loads of nice people, going to see Republic of Ireland v Russia in the Euro 2012 qualifiers and drinking way more over-priced booze than planned. Dublin's a nice city with a real European feel to it and I recommend visiting sometime. Be sure to pay the Richter Collective boys a visit too. They're good tour guides. A special mention needs to go to Bitches With Wolves and the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. Two oddly named bands who made my weekend just that little bit more interesting, despite never meeting or seeing them play a full set.

After Dublin it was back to the big city last night for Maps And Atlases and Tall Ships, as they wrapped up their UK tour in triumphant style at a sold out Cargo. TS, very kindly(!) gave me a gift which they'd picked up along the way. Apparently it's a model of me, because of the "always on the phone and drinking cocktails" reputation I seem to have "won" with them recently.


I'm now home for the rest of the week, shipping out the remaining 'Partied Hard' orders (the artwork is blowing peoples minds! More on that coming soon) and catching up on the usual Autumn feast of new TV shows, before running back to London for a few days next week for Talons at the Barfly, Ute, Suffer Like G Did, Dad Rocks and My First Tooth (free gig) at the Old Blue Last, Our Lost Infantry doing UK emo covers at Surf Wax America #4 and then hopping on a train to Cardiff for our showcase at Swn festival in Cardiff. I'm missing my own bed already.

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