Thursday, 28 October 2010

So much to do, so much to see

Why do I have Smash Mouth 'All Star' in my head? Here, share my pain...

I guess this is gonna be another of those "sorry it's been so long" blog updates, huh? For the last few weeks (and much of this year, in truth) I've fallen into a difficult routine which sees me blasting through as much work as possible at home 2 days a week, going away for the other 3, whilst trying to retain some form of 'normal' weekend. Last Sunday I fed some ducks and went to the cinema. How delightful. Anyway, it means that my days at home are generally spent catching up on emails and mailorders, but by the time I've been away and come home, the inbox is once again fit to burst. It's a vicious cycle but I can't complain, things are pretty damn awesome right now. All of our bands seem to be ultra-busy at the moment, so here's a little update on what's new, pussycat...

Tall Ships EP is picking up some wonderful reviews right now. The guys are off to Europe with 65 Days of Static next week, but before then play the NME Weekender on Saturday morning (1.20am!) and then a Time Out gig at the Barfly in London on Monday. They've just finished a nice little video for 'Chemistry', which I'd personally recommend watching, as opposed to the above.

Another band with some exciting live shows coming up are Talons who head out on tour next month in support of their wonderful debut album, which is devestating my speakers as I type. The details are up at where you can also pre-order the record, along with 'Commemorations', their 8 track discography CD, previously only available at shows. 'Hollow Realm' gets a vinyl release through awesome US label Topshelf on 22nd November and we're about to confirm another territory or two. They're going global!

...And that leads me nicely onto our lovely little Danes, Mimas, who right now are halfway through their long trip back to Denmark. The tour was a great success so huge thanks to all who came to see them play over the past week or so. Thanks also to those who came out to see Dad Rocks! at his solo shows. We'll soon be posting the BSM covers he's recorded (which will be available as free downloads and also on a limited edition CD) as well as a promo video filmed in London last week. Here's a little photo to whet your appetitie...

Sticken with the Scandinavian theme for a moment, Shapes head off to record their debut album in Sweden in just four weeks time. Very shortly they'll be announcing who's handling the production, but let's just say we're all very excited. I'm desparately trying to think of a clever hint to drop but everything's just too obvious and frankly I'll be fucking dead if they catch me.

We seem to have hit Release Season round here, with the last of 2010's 'proper' releases all now available to pre-order. That, of course, includes Tellison's wonderful new single, 'Collarbone'. Let's not call it a comeback, but I think it's fair to say it's long overdue and I think you're all gonna be delighted by what you hear. The single's available on limited edition 7" (500 copies), which comes with a free, 5 track digital EP, including a remix from Rolo Tomassi. During their tour next week (dates are here) there'll also be an even more limited edition CD version (100 copies) available, featuring all 5 tracks.

And to round things up, across the Atlantic, Kevin Devine's been busy with Bad Books, his new band he shares with members of Manchester Orchestra. After their appearance at CMJ in New York last weekend sold out weeks ago, the album was released in a blaze of praise (an awesome phrase - man I can't stop rhyming, in Wyoming, where I go mining, but really should be miming. Sorry, poor timing) and shifted a whopping 8000 units in the first week alone, taking them to #55 in the Billboard top 200 chart!

Now we're about to hit November my mind automatically starts wandering towards our annual Christmas tour and, more importantly, what incredible tack we can find to decorate venues across the country with. Incase you missed the news before, Tall Ships and Tangled Hair are the bands taking part this time, along with an array of lovely local supports. I'll be post the flyer on here very soon along with ticket information.

Gonna end this with another photo of the most popular band to ever grace this blog. Enjoy.

Friday, 15 October 2010


Over the past few months, alongside Big Scary Monsters and Alcopop Records, I've been working on a little project with my friend Tom Leggett. Entitled ACD/Sleeve, we create short runs of interesting, bespoke CD packaging. It began with the re-release of Blakfish's 'See You In Another City' EP and now, with the release of the latest and greatest design, BSM's 100th release, 'Partied Hard', it seems the perfect time to tell you all about it.

Check out the below video and then have a look at the website at for information and videos from some of Tom's other brilliant work.

Lots more designs are on their way and if you run a label/are in a band and are on the look out for an exciting way to package your music, get in touch.

Photos coming next week.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I just beat the crap out of my inbox

11pm: 431 emails to reply to

3am: 63 emails to reply to

I'm gonna sleep for a week

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dublin and gifts

Today is my first day back at the computer in a week. I spent the weekend in Dublin watching lots of cool bands, meeting loads of nice people, going to see Republic of Ireland v Russia in the Euro 2012 qualifiers and drinking way more over-priced booze than planned. Dublin's a nice city with a real European feel to it and I recommend visiting sometime. Be sure to pay the Richter Collective boys a visit too. They're good tour guides. A special mention needs to go to Bitches With Wolves and the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. Two oddly named bands who made my weekend just that little bit more interesting, despite never meeting or seeing them play a full set.

After Dublin it was back to the big city last night for Maps And Atlases and Tall Ships, as they wrapped up their UK tour in triumphant style at a sold out Cargo. TS, very kindly(!) gave me a gift which they'd picked up along the way. Apparently it's a model of me, because of the "always on the phone and drinking cocktails" reputation I seem to have "won" with them recently.


I'm now home for the rest of the week, shipping out the remaining 'Partied Hard' orders (the artwork is blowing peoples minds! More on that coming soon) and catching up on the usual Autumn feast of new TV shows, before running back to London for a few days next week for Talons at the Barfly, Ute, Suffer Like G Did, Dad Rocks and My First Tooth (free gig) at the Old Blue Last, Our Lost Infantry doing UK emo covers at Surf Wax America #4 and then hopping on a train to Cardiff for our showcase at Swn festival in Cardiff. I'm missing my own bed already.