Thursday, 30 September 2010

Songs which just shouldn't be covered

What a funny day yesterday turned out to be. After posting a blog which I thought would provide a 5 minute distraction ended up taking over the whole day as Twitter lit up (resulting with the link being posted on the front page of the site) and the stat counter on this here page going through the roof! By the end of the day Myspace got in touch to see if they could post the blog in their Artist Hub, PR's were asking me if it was a clever marketing stunt (boy do I wish it was!) and hundreds of shocked strangers were messaging me with words of praise and sorrow.

I eventually trundled off to bed around 2am, but not before rediscovering this forgotten gem: Shoes And Socks Off - Piepton EP. As Toby had been staying here for a couple of days earlier in the week, and I'm off to see him again tonight in Oxford, the timing seemed delightfully apt, so decided I'd post a reminder that this free EP is still available. As the man himself described it, "it's a collection of songs which just shouldn't be covered."

Download it for free from here

1. Lounge Act (Nirvana)
2. Not Ready Yet (Eels)
3. You Said Something (PJ Harvey)
4. Wolf At The Door (Radiohead)
5. Tame (Pixies)
6. To Forgive (Smashing Pumpkins)

Of course, Shoes And Socks Off's new album (of his own material, this time), 'Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not', is still available from here, and the 10 videos which make up the record can be seen here. This is arguably my favourite of the bunch, and not just because it was my old mobile phone gaffataped to our £3 kite...

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