Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A late night stream of conciousness

I don't get to write anywhere near as many blog posts as I used to. It really puzzles me where the time has gone. It seems like the part of my day previously assigned to this kind of rambling has been filled by something else, but I can't work out what. Strange. I'm working late tonight, though, and a bit of a catchup/nonsense post seemed like the perfect way to end the evening.

Earlier today I was interviewed by Rock Sound who have very kindly made BSM their label of the month in an upcoming issue of the magazine. I normally like to do these interviews over email as a bit of time to consider my answers and spellchecking (God bless it) are essential for not sounding like a prick, and today proved that point nicely as I stuttered and stumbled my way to a new world record of um's and err's before completely failing to answer the final two questions, instead returning to the salvation of the computer screen to consider my responses and email them through. I guess I've become one of THOSE kind of internet kids now then. In my defence, they were tough questions. The first was if BSM was a film, what would it be and why? Seriously, what would it be? I won't tell you what I eventually plumped for but after asking for a bit of assistance on Twitter and two people instantly replied with Weekend At Bernies, it might be time to give myself a long hard look. The second troubling question was "Tell us a secret about the label." Sometimes I struggle to separate what's common knowledge in my head and the 'real' world. Not a particularly good trait, especially at times like this. I think I came up with a good one, however, but you'll have to buy the December issue (in shops early November) to find out what it is. The only difficulty left is finding a good photo of myself to include. A horrible selection of drunk, tourist and flat out ridiculous images flash, disappointingly, to mind.

I've just emailed a band called Suffer Like G Did about playing a gig for us in London soon. Have you heard them? They were on our '10 Collection recently and sound great. A lot of people have told me they're awesome live so I'm looking forward to seeing them play soon.

I recently promised myself (seriously, I do that a lot) that I would make no new signings for the foreseeable future. As if this year hadn't already been busy enough, we're just about to hit "Release Season" with arguably our biggest albums and EP's of the year set to the drop over the next few weeks. For this reason I've purposely kept the first half of 2011 relatively quiet, because I'm not sure I'm ready for grey hair just yet, and I've earmarked December '10 for a real Christmas holiday, not like the close calls of recent years. I mean a REAL (that's capital letters and italics) Christmas holiday. Anyway, that plan is in danger of going out the window as I continue to find more and more awesome bands, never more so than when a member of one of my favourite bands in the world got in touch saying that BSM was their number one choice for a label, for his new side project. I think I blushed. I'm 27 years old, that sort of shit shouldn't be happening. As I type this I'm listening to their (really, really good) demos and feel like I'm wrestling with the "ah screw it, what's one more band?!" devil on my right whilst the "but what about Christmas?" angel argues from the left. They both put forward such good cases. What to do, what to do...?

I've got a couple of really exciting - and much needed - trips coming up soon. In 10 days time I head to Dublin for the first time to hang out with the good people from Disc Manufacturing Services, Adebisi Shank, that not-so good guy from Alcopop and attend the HWCH festival. I've only ever been to Northern Ireland before (and hope that my trip home this time will be a lot less eventful) so this will be a lot of fun. Then in early November I get to cross another new city off the 'been meaning to visit' map when I hit Berlin for 65 Days of Static supported by the wonderful (if troublesome on Twitter) Tall Ships. I've heard nothing but good things about this place - including from BSM artist and sometimes Berlin resident, Walter Schreifels - and that many people can't possibly be wrong. Mob mentality is always right, right?

I should go to bed. It's late and I've got a long day of emails, collections, deliveries, emails, mailorders, trying not to sign more bands, emails and to-do lists tomorrow. Night all. x

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