Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Adebisi Hype

Adebisi Shank seem to be all over the place this week. Having wrapped up their tour with a triumphant set in Kingston last night, and their new album now available to stream online, the internet was ablaze with talk of our favourite Dubliners today, so it was an absolute delight to discover The Independent reporting on the trio hitting the Hype Machine top 10 yesterday, above Arcade Fire, no less. On top of this, the record picked up its second 5/5 review, this time from the lovely chaps at Alter The Press, whilst a quick search of their name on Twitter just fills my heart with joy to see so many discussions going on.

And as if that wasn't enough pixel-inspired excitement, Bad Books (the new band from Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra) launched their online profiles to an overwhelming response last night, putting a track from their forthcoming, self-titled album up to stream via Facebook. Kevin also showed a little glimpse of his somewhat eccentric personality, as you can see below.

And, as if that STILL wasn't enough... NME are featuring Dad Rocks! video on their website

NB: Non-geeks may not understand why any of the above excites me. I'm a little envious of you, I must admit.

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Nay said...

Delighted for Adebisi, it really is so well-deserved considering how hard they had to work from the release of the debut album and now they're finally getting the recognition that's been due all along :)