Monday, 12 July 2010


What a crazy 24 hours. Right now I’m sitting on the sunny balcony of our over the top hotel suite in Pamplona. Two skinny little English boys in a 2 bedroom place bigger than my own flat, with beds large enough to sleep across in any direction, a big, flatscreen TV, full kitchen and a bidet in the bathroom. We arrived yesterday afternoon to a sea of red and white. San Fermin festival is in full swing and the streets are lined with thousands of people in the traditional all white clothing with red neckerchiefs and belts. First stop was to find a shop so we could join in, second was the square where we settled to watch Spain win their first ever World Cup final. Hours of fireworks, marching bands, singing, dancing and drinking later, there was the small matter of a bunch of idiots racing a herd of pissed off, confused bulls down a cobblestone road. No serious injuries today, thankfully, although if everyone elses head is throbbing like mine right now, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Today promises much of the same, again ending in the early hours of tomorrow with some bulls, then we head to Barcelona for a few days. I’ve had an image of sitting in a harbour side bar, drinking a cold beer and doing absolutely nothing for a few weeks now, and hope to make this idea of complete tranquillity a reality in 24 hours time. Wish me luck.

For now, it’s nose to the grindstone (or as close to as I can get right now). What a hard life. Download Hold Your Horse Is and Talons new, free, singles today. They're both absolute gold.

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