Monday, 26 July 2010


Our 100th release is so very near. Perhaps nearer than you may realise, infact. Next month sees the release is of 96 (Shoes And Socks Off - 'Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have Not' album), 97 (Dad Rocks! - 'Digital Age' EP) and 98 (Hold Your Horse Is - 'Rammin' It Home' EP), which means we head into September just one short. Nail biting.

I've kept my cards very close to my chest with BSM100, partly because I like it that way, but mostly because I've changed my mind roughly every 3.4 seconds about the concept I feel best reflects the body of work we've churned out thus far. I've toyed with the idea of a 7" compilation featuring 10 bands each contributing 30 second songs, I've considered the logistical nightmare of getting as many bodies together in a recording studio to knock out a massive, combined song, I've even mulled over releasing something which isn't actually music. Our 50th release, '50 Not Out', the 50 track MP3 compilation a few years back was - and still is - perfect to me. It captured exactly where we were both in terms of the bands I was working with as well as the shift to digital music we were somewhere in the middle of making. The only problem with it now, looking back, is how do you top something you're totally, 100% happy with?

A few weeks ago I finally settled on an idea for our centenary. I haven't told many people (not even all of the bands yet know the details), and it won't be announced anywhere for a few more weeks yet, but here's a teeny tiny little bit of info for you, dear blog...

BSM100 will be entitled 'Partied Hard', which works on a few levels for me. The original inspiration for the phrase shouldn't be too difficult to guess, we've all sang along in the rock clubs enough times, but the past tense twist is what really seems appropriate. The release rounds up a lot of what we've achieved over the past few years, drawing a line under some things, summing it up and showcasing some of the many highlights, as well as opening the door to the next generation. It'll feature a lot of content - some you'll be aware of, some you won't - too many in-jokes and a lot of amazing artwork. The package will only be available for a very short time, our shortest ever, infact, and then gone forever. All of the little puzzle pieces are coming together here and I hope to have an end product within the next 2 weeks, at which point I'll tell you a lot more.

Around the release there'll be little bits and pieces of press. A few interviews with myself, some new content going online, that kind of thing. I've been asked this morning by one magazine if I'll make a playlist of my all time top 10 BSM songs, which is as exciting as it is daunting. Never before have I attempted to rate these pieces of work. It feels like choosing between my children.

Whilst writing this blog I've written, scrapped, re-written and scrapped again my thank you list for 'Partied Hard'. It's difficult summing up the best part of a decade in such a small amount of space. Time to do something mind numbing for a while and come back to that one later, I feel. It must be mailorder time.

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