Friday, 30 July 2010


In January 2008 I went to New York and filmed a short video of a man playing his pots and pans in the 42nd Street subway. Since then the video has received 333,501 views and counting, as well as hundreds of comments and 1449 'likes'. This is all to be expected as the guy is clearly very talented.

In July 2010 I went to Barcelona and filmed an unlikely bunch playing near Port Vell one evening. Uploaded only minutes ago so no figures are yet available, the only stats I can give you are as follows: Yes, that's a didgeridoo. Yes, he's wearing pink trousers and has a big gong (wahey) next to him. Yes, that's a man standing, holding CDs aloft. No, nobody is watching. And you're right, it really is hard to pick just one single, favourite thing about that 'drummer'.

Well, there you have it. The tale of two buskers.

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