Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Videos videos videos

A few weeks back now Toby Shoes And Socks Off and I sat down and discussed the possibility of self-producing 10 videos; one for each track on his forthcoming new album, the confusingly titled 'Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not'. An ambitious idea, for sure, but with a little help from a few friends, a mobile phone, a kite and numerous other props, maybe we could pull it off. Well today it begins. Week one, video one, and it's thanks to more than a little help this time, as Toby's friend Danielle has worked her socks off (no pun intended) to produce this beautiful little animation for the album opener, 'Spit/Shake'...

All 10 videos will be given to different magazines to run as exclusives, with our friends at Drowned In Sound handling the responsibility here.

Next week: A very hairy little number. Look out!

I'll post more news and info on the album itself over the coming weeks, as well as many, many new tour dates, a few festival appearances and lots of other lovely news. It's an exciting time and I hope you all enjoy the new music as much as I am. It's my favourite SASO record to date and I'm confident a lot of you will agree.

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