Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Another blog post lacking title inspiration. This is getting serious. Speaking of title inspiration and a disappointing lack of it, I've been wrestling with a few possible ideas for our forthcoming 100th release compilation moniker. When I tell you that 'Don't Worry, BSM Happy' is my current second favourite, it probably tells you a lot about the overall quality of my shortlist.

Not cool.

Anyway, it's a new week which of course means, a new Shoes And Socks Off video. Hurrah! This one is track 5 of 10, entitled 'CYF'. Many of you will already be familiar with the song as its a long-time live favourite. Toby put the video together using some old footage he found on The Prelinger Archives and I think it acts as a good road safety advert for us all. Well, maybe.

The master CD for 'Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not', the new album all of these new songs are taken from, should be dropping through my door Friday. We've managed to squeeze all 10 of the videos onto the CD - along with a few little bonuses - and conveniently, they're already in MP4 format so you can slip them straight onto your iPod. God bless this digital age of ours.

The artwork for the album looks great too. It's the first Shoes And Socks Off record to get a full, 'proper' release, instead of the made-to-order, no distro, no press efforts of before. In an almost symbolic move, the black and white images have been replaced by some lovely full colour work and I'm excited to get the finished product back here and selling. 2 new t-shirt designs are also in the works and the September tour dates will soon be announced. There's a lot of them so I don't want to hear any excuses.

Think it's time to call it a night. I'm not cut out for these sweaty evenings. When did it get so hot around here?! Planning a bit of an impromptu holiday for July and just can't stop daydreaming about sitting next to a pool somewhere. Anywhere. With cocktails. And the World Cup final.

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