Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Walter press update #2

As promised (a long, long time ago), here's another press update on Walter Schreifels album.

Let's start at the start with the Kerrang feature. Soon enough I'll show you one of the photos they decided not to print, which includes an invisible cameo from yours truly. Confused? You will be. Camera trickery at its finest.

"As if we weren’t gagging enough for the new Rival Schools material, he’s gone and raised the bar again. 8/10" - AU Magazine

"Perhaps the most surprising thing about Walter Schreifels' new record is that it sounds completely effortless, like the hardcore/post-hardcore luminary is not even breaking a sweat, like the music simply exists out there in the universe waiting to flow through whenever Mr. Schreifels picks up a guitar and opens his mouth" - Clicky Clicky music blog

"“Don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget the streets, don’t sell out, an open letter to the scene.” Walter Schreifels has a message to send, and the songs are beautifully imploring; far too imploring to ignore their pleas" - The 405

"Trust me; Walter Schreifels never makes bad records" - Die Shellsuit Die

"There is something magnetic about Schreifels and his music" - QRO (tour diary, photos)

"The result of this, is a simple, beautiful and honest album, which will leave you thinking about it long after the album has finished" - The Easy Mode

"Collection of smart and tuneful songs" - InForty

I've stuck this one at the bottom because it's an embarrassingly bad photo of the magazine, taken on my mobile phone. Unfortunately the BSM office isn't blessed with a scanner. Here's the feature which ran in Big Cheese magazine. If you click the image you might just be able to read the blurry text. Good luck.

And an exclusive almost-but-not-really-news exclusive for those of you who are still reading: Plans are coming together for one - possibly two - Walter Schreifels UK tours before the end of the year. Exciting!

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