Friday, 28 May 2010

Trying to think of a pun involving the word distro

My mind keeps saying "play on bistro" but I just can't think of anything obvious at all. Stupid brain. Stupid 1am.

After over a year of trying to find time to launch it, the BSM distro is finally here! Click your way over to and you'll see that from now on, on top of the already impossible to ignore Big Scary Monsters bargains, our online shop also stocks the best releases from some of our favourite other labels! Right now that includes lovely CDs, vinyl and even a cassette from Pulled Apart By Horses, Rolo Tomassi, Three Trapped Tigers, Tangled Hair, Throats, And So I Watch You From Afar, Bats and loads more. Exciting stuff, shoppers.

As I mentioned, this is something I've been meaning to launch for a very long time now. In fact, many of these items have been sitting around the flat for way longer than they should have, but "unfortunately" its just been release after release lately, meaning this was pushed a little down the priorities ladder, hence my delighted to finally have it up and running.

The next step is to add more items - hopefully including a number from overseas labels which are currently hard to find/expensive to import individually - keeping the quality control setting at 11 throughout. I'd like to also add more clothing items, although we're already getting dangerously close to our 100 item limit on Big Cartel, so some of those may have to wait until our new website is finally launched. I also plan to build on the 'Recommended if you like' info currently dotted around the website, to help new fans find music perfectly tailored for their taste, and buy it all under the one roof.

I'm off to bed. Big day of work and then a Lost party tomorrow. How I've managed to get through 4 days without finding out what happens, I don't know, but if anyone tries to give the game away to me before 9pm tomorrow, so hope me God...

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