Tuesday, 18 May 2010

All surfed out

Every time I start to write a new blog post I get an overwhelming sense of guilt due to the extended breaks between each entry. Reminds me of getting to the exam hall back at school and thinking "oh crap, why didn't I revise more?! Next time I promise to do better."

I never did better.

So, Monday night was the first ever Surf Wax America club night (our new thing with the boys from The 405) in London and I think/hope I speak for everyone when I see it was a brilliant night. The place was packed as Into It. Over It did a splendid job on a short set of Texas Is The Reason covers before Grown Ups got the crowd singing along for a few Saves The Day hits and - in celebration of it being the first night - this little beauty...

Unfortunately the DJing came to an early end but after a nice man at the bar downstairs bought me a shot and explained that he and his friend had taken the day off work the following day, so to properly enjoy the evenings entertainment, there was really only one thing for it... I offered to move the party to a local flat where the DJ set continued from a laptop until the sun came up, to an intimate gathering of 12 happy ears. BSM; it's all about the personal touch!

Here are a few pictures from last night taken by the very talented Maryam Hassan. A collection from last weekends epic Great Escape showcase will also be up soon, so check back for those later on in the week, as well as another video or two from last night.

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