Friday, 28 May 2010


You know when you go to see your friends band play a gig at an ice cream cafe in Oxford and the openers close their set with a cover which turns out to be an album track from one of your bands...?

Trying to think of a pun involving the word distro

My mind keeps saying "play on bistro" but I just can't think of anything obvious at all. Stupid brain. Stupid 1am.

After over a year of trying to find time to launch it, the BSM distro is finally here! Click your way over to and you'll see that from now on, on top of the already impossible to ignore Big Scary Monsters bargains, our online shop also stocks the best releases from some of our favourite other labels! Right now that includes lovely CDs, vinyl and even a cassette from Pulled Apart By Horses, Rolo Tomassi, Three Trapped Tigers, Tangled Hair, Throats, And So I Watch You From Afar, Bats and loads more. Exciting stuff, shoppers.

As I mentioned, this is something I've been meaning to launch for a very long time now. In fact, many of these items have been sitting around the flat for way longer than they should have, but "unfortunately" its just been release after release lately, meaning this was pushed a little down the priorities ladder, hence my delighted to finally have it up and running.

The next step is to add more items - hopefully including a number from overseas labels which are currently hard to find/expensive to import individually - keeping the quality control setting at 11 throughout. I'd like to also add more clothing items, although we're already getting dangerously close to our 100 item limit on Big Cartel, so some of those may have to wait until our new website is finally launched. I also plan to build on the 'Recommended if you like' info currently dotted around the website, to help new fans find music perfectly tailored for their taste, and buy it all under the one roof.

I'm off to bed. Big day of work and then a Lost party tomorrow. How I've managed to get through 4 days without finding out what happens, I don't know, but if anyone tries to give the game away to me before 9pm tomorrow, so hope me God...

Thursday, 27 May 2010


What a hectic week. Grown Ups have completed the first leg of their European tour, having laid waste to the UK and had a damn good time doing it. The response has been amazing and the album is getting a lot of love. Right now the guys are in Paris but in 3 weeks time they may or may not stop by to play a couple of final shows here. What a cryptic little mystery. I'll post info as and when. Or will I? Ooooh.

If you do nothing else today, order the new Shoes And Socks Off 3 CD set, 'Don't Blame Yourself, It's In Your Blood'. It's comprised of the 3 previous albums along with hours of bonus material including unreleased recordings, videos, artwork and more. It all comes in a lovely cardboard gatefold sleeve which myself, Toby and Gemma spent a solid day making! The tracklisting and more can be found in the shop at

I've decided to enjoy a bit of regressing this year and collect Panini World Cup stickers. Having started my collection by buying enough packets to give a 12 year old me a small heart attack, I'm well on my way and through the wonder of social media, can now publicise my swaps list to a wider audience than the kids on my block. Get in touch, you know the drill. "Got, got, got, need, need, got"

83 - Edinson Cavani
136 - Seyi Olofinjana
163 - Greece squad
204 - Carlos Bocanegra
316 - Ghana shiny
325 - Michael Essien
366 - Martin Jorgensen
369 - Soren Larsen
391 - Cameroon squad
429 - Paraguay squad
430 - Paraguay shiny
441 - Enrique Vera
446 - Edgar Benitez
485 - Flip Holosko
491 - Luisao
536 - Guy Demel
546 - Ricardo Carvalho
591 - Banjamin Huggel
595 - Hakan Yakin
610 - Amado Guevara

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Why Alcopop won't win the BSM 5-a-side 2010

Look at Jack jumping out of the way of that FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS penalty.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

All surfed out

Every time I start to write a new blog post I get an overwhelming sense of guilt due to the extended breaks between each entry. Reminds me of getting to the exam hall back at school and thinking "oh crap, why didn't I revise more?! Next time I promise to do better."

I never did better.

So, Monday night was the first ever Surf Wax America club night (our new thing with the boys from The 405) in London and I think/hope I speak for everyone when I see it was a brilliant night. The place was packed as Into It. Over It did a splendid job on a short set of Texas Is The Reason covers before Grown Ups got the crowd singing along for a few Saves The Day hits and - in celebration of it being the first night - this little beauty...

Unfortunately the DJing came to an early end but after a nice man at the bar downstairs bought me a shot and explained that he and his friend had taken the day off work the following day, so to properly enjoy the evenings entertainment, there was really only one thing for it... I offered to move the party to a local flat where the DJ set continued from a laptop until the sun came up, to an intimate gathering of 12 happy ears. BSM; it's all about the personal touch!

Here are a few pictures from last night taken by the very talented Maryam Hassan. A collection from last weekends epic Great Escape showcase will also be up soon, so check back for those later on in the week, as well as another video or two from last night.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Walter press update #2

As promised (a long, long time ago), here's another press update on Walter Schreifels album.

Let's start at the start with the Kerrang feature. Soon enough I'll show you one of the photos they decided not to print, which includes an invisible cameo from yours truly. Confused? You will be. Camera trickery at its finest.

"As if we weren’t gagging enough for the new Rival Schools material, he’s gone and raised the bar again. 8/10" - AU Magazine

"Perhaps the most surprising thing about Walter Schreifels' new record is that it sounds completely effortless, like the hardcore/post-hardcore luminary is not even breaking a sweat, like the music simply exists out there in the universe waiting to flow through whenever Mr. Schreifels picks up a guitar and opens his mouth" - Clicky Clicky music blog

"“Don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget the streets, don’t sell out, an open letter to the scene.” Walter Schreifels has a message to send, and the songs are beautifully imploring; far too imploring to ignore their pleas" - The 405

"Trust me; Walter Schreifels never makes bad records" - Die Shellsuit Die

"There is something magnetic about Schreifels and his music" - QRO (tour diary, photos)

"The result of this, is a simple, beautiful and honest album, which will leave you thinking about it long after the album has finished" - The Easy Mode

"Collection of smart and tuneful songs" - InForty

I've stuck this one at the bottom because it's an embarrassingly bad photo of the magazine, taken on my mobile phone. Unfortunately the BSM office isn't blessed with a scanner. Here's the feature which ran in Big Cheese magazine. If you click the image you might just be able to read the blurry text. Good luck.

And an exclusive almost-but-not-really-news exclusive for those of you who are still reading: Plans are coming together for one - possibly two - Walter Schreifels UK tours before the end of the year. Exciting!


People always talk about things coming in 3's. I was about to write a blog post to say that I'm only stressed about 2 things right now, but after half an hour of kids shouting at each other outside, I think I can tick the final box. The irony of the loudest one of them all complaining about her friend having no social awareness seemed totally lost on the little dickheads.

The Great Escape starts tomorrow. Always a fun weekend and with a daunting yet exciting 48 hours of meetings, showcases, DJ sets and stone skimming coming up, tonights sleep will be very much cherished.

Going hand in hand with the above, Grown Ups start their UK tour Friday night. Their album pre-sales are flying and lots of people seem almost as excited as I am to finally see them play live. The dates and details are posted at if you haven't already seen them.

I've been listening to the new Shoes And Socks Off album on repeat for the past day or so. It's odd, having lived with and loved the demo's for so long, to now hear different - and in some cases, full band - versions of these songs, but even so, this is definitely my favourite of his releases so far. Look out for loads of news and MP3s coming soon. In the mean time, here's a live video of CYF, one of the songs from the album...

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Maida Vale

Earlier this week I made my fourth visit to the lovely Maida Vale studios in London to see Tall Ships record a live session for Huw Stephens, to be broadcast later this summer. Standard fare; I got lost in the local area, stared at by builders, marvelled at the houses, wondered what I could do to get rich enough to buy such a place, picked up a pass at the studio front desk, meandered around the maze of corridors and stopped to consider how many famous people may be in the building at that precise moment (Gorillaz recorded in the same room just 24 hours earlier. True story. Their cartoon van got a ticket outside).

The band recorded four songs, three from the self-titled EP and one huge newbie, and they also took a few photos. I've posted a couple below. Will let you all know the air date for the session as soon as it's confirmed.