Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Last night I awoke at 4am and struggled to get back to sleep amidst thoughts and fears of work backlogs and problems. I hadn't felt stressed before going to bed, but I sure as hell felt it whilst there. It was very strange, made even more so when I found out earlier on today that our webstore is down, with no explanation or resolution in sight. As far as I can tell - and that isn't very far at all, considering my total lack of technical knowledge - the providers servers have failed, making this a problem I can do little about. My girlfriend tells me that I spend so much time on the computer, it and my mind are now one, hence the twin-like feelings of worry late last night. Unlikely stories aside, my afternoon quickly developed into a race against time to shift as many of our products as possible over onto a new webstore platform and get it integrated with the website layout, without looking like the preverial sore thumb. At 1am, 7 hours after I began with no more than a 10 minute break in that time, I am 50% finished. And that's before the bugs are ironed out. It almost seems pointless bothering trying to sleep tonight.

Walter Schreifels ends his UK tour in London tomorrow night. Unfortunately the planned gig in Southampton on Thursday has had to be cancelled at short notice, with Walter heading straight from London to Japan for some last-minute Rival Schools bits and pieces. Life in the fast lane, and all that. I'll be joining him early tomorrow lunchtime for a final 24 hours of press work in the UK, including a Kerrang photoshoot, some fun in the Rock Sound office, a number of interviews, acoustic performances and a farewell drink or two.

I'll post a bunch of the above videos, interviews, reviews and so on as and when they filter through, starting with this lovely little video from our good friends at Beatcast, filmed last week in Kingston.

Apologies for the tired nature of this post. Brain's shutting down. See you next week.

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