Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Surf Wax America #1

Forget about volcanoes and politics for one minute and ask yourself this... If Carlsberg ran clubnights, would they be as good as this?

It's highly unlikely, right?

To give you the background to this night, it turned out that both myself and the guys at The 405 had the idea of starting something up in London where we could basically play a few great records for our friends once a month. As far as I'm aware, there's nowhere else in town you would hear Meet Me In St Louis mixed into Renegade Master followed by Blink 182 and then Phoenix. Equally, there's very few places you get to see awesome bands forgoing their own material for an evening to cover some huge hits from others. So with Grown Ups doing Saves The Day and Into It. Over It having a bash at Texas Is The Reason, I feel this night is going to tick many boxes for many people, and we're all gonna have a damn good time along the way!

Another important factor in the coming together of Surf Wax America was the financial side of things. We hoped to make it free entry for all, but as with most things, overheads need to be covered and as such we had to set a door price. We've kept this as low as possible, and after a small number of advance tickets for just £2 selling out in 15 minutes on Friday, they're available for £3, which will stay that price right the way up until 11pm on the night, when it jumps to £5.

I'll no doubt be posting more about this night over the next month, but in the meantime, here are some useful links for you... Buy tickets. Facebook event. Last.fm event.

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