Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The new guy

I get a few emails every day from people asking for a job - be it paid or unpaid - but due to being a one-man operation based in a small flat, it's not exactly the ideal setup to have someone here working with me. From time to time I ask 'applicants' to handle a bit of work for the label from the comfort of their own home, in return for free CDs, gig tickets, etc, so when one of my friends emailed saying he needed a few days of work experience in order to pass his creative writing module at uni, it all fell nicely into place... It's my responsibility to the educational system of the United Kingdom to make him work for it!

I set him a series of small tasks ranging from some fairly dull band biog updates and spellchecking to the more difficult of challenges, beginning with the below. An introductory blog post and essay on why Big Scary Monsters is the best record label in the world.
Hello gang!

Thom Rogers here! Most of you won’t know me so let me fill you in on why I have hijacked the Blog Scary Monsters today. Well the short answer is because I’m actually doing a few odd jobs to help Kev – Big Boss, as I will call him this week - in exchange for “work experience” for University. I got an email with a list of duties I had to fulfil, one being an introduction on who I am via the blog and an essay on why Big Scary Monsters is best indie record label ever!

However, the long answer to why you are reading me today instead of Big Boss (Kev, just in case you weren’t reading earlier… keep up!) is a series of events that fumbled together that will also reveal why, in my opinion, Big Scary Monsters is the best indie record label ever.

I first stumbled across BSM when the label discovered a hot bed music in the Dorset area, with two awesome bands – Secondsmile and Sparks, Lights And Flames – being picked up about five or six years ago. It just so happened that these guys were my gang of friend from home. However, these would not become the only friends I would make because of Big Scary Monsters.

The reason for this is that BSM is the one record label I can think of where a community has developed, with Kev as den mother, introducing us all to new bands constantly. Six Years ago it was Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. through to Itch, The Campaign For Real Time, Cats And Cats And Cats and its still going on now, as I discover Grown Ups this week.

The sense of community is felt throughout the year, with Christmas tours, summer showcases and of course everyone’s favourite, the BSM 5-a-side football tournament, unless you were a ref.

This is a truly wonderful and eclectic music label, just by looking at the 50 Not Out compilation CD, you can see that BSM have proved that quantity and quality can co-exist. The label has consistently released some of the world’s best underground music, be it Sweden’s Audrey, the mid-land’s Blakfish, Boston’s The Campaign For Real Time or Michigan’s Anathello.

So there it is, the reason why I believe Big Scary Monsters to be the best indie record label ever. I have met so many wonderful people throughout the years due to this label and listened to even more wonderful bands. With their 100th release on the way, going intercontinental and starting to get some seriously big names like Andrew W.K, the future bright, the future is BSM.
Look out for more from Thom over the next couple of weeks. If you have any ideas of paces he needs to be put through (or hoops he should be jumping through, more like) then let me know. The man's education is in our hands here, people.


JTM said...

Have Thom read your e-mail (or at least, your "general enquiries" account) and get him to filter out all the bamph, crud and lose that I imagine you get sent and that makes your life tedious.

That normally sorts the men from the goats, if he doesn't run screaming after the nth begging letter from some rubbish band, he's a good egg :)

Elliot said...

he should probably learn to spell Anathallo before you let him do anything else

Rob said...

Hot bed of musical talent in Dorset?? I lived in Dorset my whole life - I somehow missed this!