Monday, 19 April 2010

My week

As now so often seems to be the way, I'm writing a long-overdue catchup blog post whilst sitting here editing myself in my head, trying to filter out the 'absolute nonsense' and just leave the 'pretty much nonsense' news for you to read about.

Since my last update my knowledge of the UK political system has quadrupled. I guess the TV debate really did have the desired effect as I've come away for the for the first time in my life feeling as though I have a vague idea about what's going on, who I'm going to vote for and even enjoyed a conversation about it with friends over the weekend. I must be growing up.

Sticking with the theme of current affairs, the gsgn'sgseggnjfg volcano (did I mash the keyboard correctly there?) in Iceland continues to cause all sorts of problems for many people, with air traffic entering its 5th day of standstill. Pool old Walter Schreifels has been caught up in the middle of it all. Having flown to Japan - via Moscow - after finishing up his UK tour, his return plans hit a rather large stumbling block which saw him grounded in a Dharma Initiative style camp in Russia for the past three days. Right now he's in Barcelona and hopes to finally return to London and then NYC on Thursday. Meanwhile This Town Needs Guns are nervously keeping an eye on the news, ahead of their tour of Japan which is due to begin next week. Closer to home, I have two trips planned myself this week, but thankfully no dust clouds will be stopping me from hitting Alton Towers or Gretna Social Club. More on those later in the week...

We've upgraded our web server this week to a bigger and better service. It turns out that the old one was a little out-dated which meant it was not only slow and limited in capabilities, but also more than three times the price I should've been paying. Nice! The switch to the new server - touch wood - seems to have been made seamlessly, but if you do experience any problems, keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates, and you can access our webstore directly at any time. The letters MySQL, SSL, FTP and many more have been floating around my head for days now and still mean absolutely nothing!

Talons begin their tour with Three Trapped Tigers (who are this week's '10 Collection band) on Thursday and I heartily recommend you check them out. The split single with Noumenon is getting close to selling out so you should try and pick up a copy of that soon or risk the chance of missing out completely.

And last but by no means least, I've started making plans for this years BSM 5-a-side football tournament. As ever, 16 teams will make up four groups of 4 battling it out over a hot summers afternoon, before we can crown the champions of the underground music scene. Look out for a run-down of the competitors coming soon...

Now I need to get on with my usual Monday morning tasks of beating the tiredness and uploading the latest '10 Collection track. Subscribers, brace yourselves.

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