Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Can't Lib With Dem, Can't Lib Without Dem

I really want to tell you all about my trip to Blackpool (seriously, get out of the 90's! If ever a town - and group of people - needed a major update...) and Gretna (No marriage, just a 600 mile round trip to watch non-league Scottish football and hang out at a social club) but it would end up being a post simply littered with in-jokes, tales of drunken nonsense and a boy named Cod. Instead, I'm going to give you something much more worthwhile... A little press update on Walter Schreifels album.

Its wonderful to see the media enjoying this record as much as I'm sure the rest of you all will as soon as you hear it. I'm going to post a second update soon which will include some of the forthcoming bits such as his Kerrang feature (along with a photo I play an integral role in, not that you'll see me) and album review, as well as a feature from Big Cheese, and no doubt a bunch more reviews and videos. Right now, here are some of my favourite press clippings to have run thus far...

Walter reviews the singles in Rock Sound. You'll have to buy the magazine to read his views on Foals, Biffy Clyro, Attack! Attack!, Cerebal Ballzy, Pendulum and more but I had to post the photo. Seriously, have a look at that! What a thing of splendour. On the way to the RS offices I told him all about the wonderful TV show that is Booze Britain, as well as our finest drinking chain, Wetherspoons. With his mind freshly blown, see how many times he manages to mention these things in his short, consistently scored summaries! It's in the issue with Deftones on the cover, out now.

Also in this months Rock Sound is a review of the new album, 'An Open Letter To The Scene', which you can read just here (scoring a nice 8/10) and a 9/10 live review from his recent gig in Sheffield. A night which, from the sounds of it, saw the reviewer fell head over heels in love with the man's sackful of charm.

And completing the Rock Sound trident of Walter love is this little piece about the UK election, including an incredible catchphrase, more recently seen as the title of this post.

In the online world, Punktastic (4/5), Alter The Press (4.5/5) and Rock Midgets (4/5) have all weighed in with some serious praise, with PT also giving us this little live video for 'She Is To Me' and ATP offering this interview. Manchester Screenwipe also have a live video online.

From the US side, there's a great in the studio video doing the rounds on a few online magazine/blog websites, and now AOL and Spinner are both streaming the album in its entirety. Have a listen here.

Completing this first round-up is a clip of an interview from a documentary I'll be telling you a lot more about over the coming weeks. Enjoy.

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