Sunday, 14 March 2010


Last night I went to a gig to see my friends band (who I missed, oops) and two others I'd never previously heard but really enjoyed. Can't remember the last time that happened. I seem to be going to less gigs these days and when I do, it's rare it's to see bands I have no previous knowledge of who turn out to be really good. I must remember to try this blind opportunism again.

Between bands the subject of puns somehow arose, initially through talking about the Air Bud film series, I believe. Golden Receiver, the movie about a dog playing American Football, still blows my mind. As does this:

And indeed, this:

Fellow pun fans, I urge you to check out this blog and make your Sunday a little bit better. Perhaps forward the link to your Mum and wish her all the best on Mothering Sunday?

Fact: Sean, the man responsible for the blog, designed the Holy Monsters artwork for our split 10" with Holy Roar Records last year.


Scott said...

One of the classics in Birmingham is in Selly Oak there is a laundry place called the Selly Soak....always gets looks of amazement by visitors that one

Esben Schjerning said...

Air Bud plays basketball ... At least in the movie I've seen! But hey, It's america - a carrer change is highly plausible

Esben said...

Or career ... Whatever! :)