Monday, 22 March 2010

My morning so far

I have...
  • Woken up, considered going back to sleep, managed to battle on
  • Read, replied to and deleted somewhere in the region of 100 emails
  • Updated the webstore with the remaining 40 copies of the re-released Blakfish EP
  • Updated the '10 Collection webpages and sent this weeks MP3 out
  • Sent a news mailout to 80-odd websites re: the Shoes And Socks Off free covers EP
  • Promoted said EP on Facebook, Twitter, the website news page and, last and very much least, Myspace
  • Eaten more Maryland cookies than one person should in a morning
  • Marked the aforementioned Blakfish EP as 'sold out'. Already.
  • Fought the continuous urge to stop working and watch Dexter
  • Wrote our next mailout, set to go tomorrow morning, announcing the Grown Ups tour dates, a heavy hint on a new band, a reminder of Walter Schreifels UK tour, Talons live appointments and split single with Noumenon, and a few more bits and bobs.
  • Shocked a delivery guy by opening the door in a dressing gown at 1pm
  • Ordered some new badges
  • Decided I will leave 'the office' early today as I've done loads and Dexter is stronger than me
Seeya tomorrow

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