Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I've lost my way

I've really gone off the blogging boil in 2010. It seems like days, or even weeks, pass before I get a chance to post on here, leaving millions of people around the world heartbroken and lost, no doubt! Here's a little catchup of a few things going on around here right now...

  • Tall Ships self-titled debut EP is released on Monday... but has already sold out! The 250, screen printed, hand-numbered CDs flew out via pre-order and gig sales alone (and that's before they get to play their triumphant homecoming show in Falmouth next week!), which really did leave a lot of people heartbroken and lost towards the end of their recent tour with Tubelord. Good news, however, is that it's being repressed straight away, with a further 250 copies set to be ready in the next few days. This second batch will be printed in red, rather than blue, and will be numbered 251-500. They continue to be available from our online shop and the band will be back out on tour in a couple of months time. We've just booked up a Huw Stephens live session too, which won't air until later on in the year, but means another nice BBC canteen lunch for me, and frankly that's the most important thing here.
  • We're pitching for a new release. I'm not telling anyone who it is, but if it comes off, you're all gonna love it!
  • We've also pitched for another release. This one isn't new, but is actually in my top 10 albums of all-time. The plan is to re-release it, some 7 years(!) after it's original birth, on limited edition vinyl, hopefully with a couple of bonus tracks. This one is pretty much sorted and will be finalised early next week, so look out for an announcement shortly. In the meantime, if you want to try and work out what this mystery release is, you could start by looking up every album from 2003.
  • Grown Ups UK tour is pretty much finalised. Just waiting on confirmation of the final two shows, which should be sometime in the next few days. The European dates are starting to fill up too, and all will be posted online shortly. Check out the two new tracks and the live videos on their Myspace page, and start getting excited.
  • I've recently become addicted to Dexter. Halfway through series two right now.
  • Walter Schreifels hits our shores in a few weeks time. He's currently in Canada recording some new material and is due to land in the UK on March 26th. The tour dates can be found on our website. A second UK run is already being planned.
There's loads more I could tell you about but I'll save that for my next "oops, I haven't blogged in a long time" post. Same bat channel, same boring excuses.

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nfnty said...

it's only been 2 months into 2010, keep at the blogging, regardless how trivial it may be.

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