Tuesday, 23 March 2010

10 Collection blogs

I've recently found a couple of nice blogs/articles on our '10 Collection, which were very flattering and deserved sharing with you all.

First up is In Worried Piles, I Typed For Miles, who are undertaking the slightly daunting challenge of reviewing all 52 tracks from the series. Have a scroll through and see what they made of the first 10.

Secondly there's Rock Pulse magazine, who asked me a few questions regarding the series, along with Hold Your Horse Is, one of our 12 entries thus far.

And finally we have Ignatius ofLoyola blog, who wrote a nice little entry about our '09 and '10 Collections back at the start of the year.

If I find any more I'll post them up on here. If indeed you're a blog writer yourself and have posted anything about the series - or the label/our bands in general - please do send me the link(s). I can't post everything on here but do my best to share as many as possible. Next week I have a fairly length list of Tall Ships EP reviews to add, all of which are brilliantly nice.

Gotta love the blogosphere... no matter how crap that word is.

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