Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Free Tupolev

The Tupolev Ghost unfortunately decided to call it a day towards the end of last year, after playing one final show at The Fest in Florida. Not a bad way for a band to bow out, but a massive shame nonetheless.

If You Make It is an awesome Brooklyn based website which features acoustic sessions with Kevin Devine and many others, hosts free album downloads from some incredible bands. They recently posted the Grown Ups EP and have now (with our full permission, of course) followed it with The Tupolev Ghost's self-titled mini-album from last year.

Download it from here.

You're welcome.

Here's the video to 'Diagrams', one of my favourite songs of 2009.


ReclaimYourBrain said...

Big Scary Monsters teaming up with If You Make It? Everyone's ears are the winners here.

Kev said...

Thanks! IYMI is a brilliant website, delighted to have some of our music on there. Hopefully there'll be more over the coming months too