Monday, 22 February 2010

Easy like Monday morning

Monday's are gradually working their way into a little routine for me. Wake up, fall asleep, wake up, get angry because it's later than it should be, check my email on the phone until I see something important enough to convince my tired brain I definitely need to get up, shower, sit at the computer, pause for a moment to think over my to-do list, update the '10 Collection. Every week starts in exactlty the same way. I'm not normally one for routines but I think I like this one. I enjoy the moment after pressing send and imagining people downloading the new musical installment as I excitedly await reaction.

Last week was certainly no exception as we unveiled the first new Tellison track in over a year, something which it seemed many people out there were very pleased to hear. This week we've followed it up with a band called Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea, who are one of my favourite new UK acts. I came across them back in December, during the BSM xmas tour when, wonderfully, two separate people recommended them on the same day. Whenever that happens it gives you a tiny little glimour of excitement and the suggestion of something special. Thankfully, both of these people were dead right.

Last week I was pointed in the direction of this blog which is very kindly reviewing all 52 tracks from the series. So far the writer seems to be enjoying what he's been sent, which is pretty cool. I wonder what he'll make of CMCS? I guess we'll find out soon. Time to press send...

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