Monday, 4 January 2010

You know you pretty much have the best life in the world...

...When you wake up and you're this guy:

...Or, you wake up at 8am and can't get wait to get the new working year started.

But then you realise it's freezing so get the laptop and scamper back to bed.

Where you switch on the heated blanket.

And lie there sending emails all morning.

Including some to one of your all-time favourite musicians about a new release.

Which will be coming out on SQUARED vinyl.

With handwritten thank you notes to the first 50 purchasers.

And you also email one of the most influential musicians in punk/hardcore history.

And he writes back.

Because you're working together on a new record.

Then you have arguably the best, most pun-happy idea ever.

Before turning the electric blanket down 'cos it's getting real hot.

And then spending some time trying to decide where to go in March.


New York?


Or maybe all three.

And just when you think things can't get any better.

You remember you've got loads of pastrami in the fridge.

And all of a sudden, it doesn't matter that you're not Jay-Z.


Vin said...

you're jay z to me. mick is beyonce. happy 2010 x

Kev said...

Oh god, does that mean I have to touch his swimsuit area?

Unrelated question: When making a sandwich, how many slices of pastrami is too many slices of pastrami? 2 hours late for me, but I think I crossed the line

ricgalbraith said...

BOOM, and welcome to 2010, all sounds very awesome man! Might be in oxford at the weekend dude, will be in touch if i am to see if you're out drinking alcoholic beverages.

Kev said...

Awesome, will hopefully see you sometime this weekend then. Here's to a fun 2010!

tom said...

hey i know it's early, but do the first 10 collection mp3s go out today? i'm bored. ps if the hardcore legend you've been hinting at is who i think it is, then well done mate! i'm excited.

Kev said...

The first MP3 will be going out tomorrow morning. Normally I'll be aiming for Monday's but as it's the first week and people are still signing up, I'm gonna give it an extra 24 hours.

You'll find out a week today if you're right with your hardcore legend guess...

tom said...

well.. i think i spotted a clue, ha ha. doesn't make it any less exciting for me! either way, good luck with this year, sounds like it could be a big one. oh and a track every week is a lovely idea, nice one.