Friday, 8 January 2010

The Ten Collection

Oxford has been in chaos this week! My poor little city is just not equipped to deal with adverse weather conditions as the snow has reduced us to a shivering, sludgy, slowed down mess. I think I was one of only 12 people who did any work on Wednesday. It was my first official working day of the year, so with a clearly defined to-do list and a sense of purpose I didn't know existed within, I resisted the urge to join the rest of the population building snowmen outside and sat at my desk with a Scrooge-like discipline. Despite all the trips, partying and Tweeting, I'm taking this year seriously. It's a big one, ladies and gentlemen, not least because I've committed to a 52 part singles club!

So, the '10 Collection. I think I've briefly mentioned the plan on here before, but for the sake of clarity, here it is again. In exchange for subscribing to the series for £15 (going up to 17 from February), you will receive:

a) Exclusive BSM t-shirt
b) 10% discount for our webstore, valid for the entire year
c) Entry into monthly prize draws for free CDs, gig tickets, etc
d) A lovely MP3 emailed to you each and every single week

Personally, I think that's pretty damn reasonable.

The 52 MP3s will be made up of our favourite unsigned bands, exclusive first airings from forthcoming BSM releases and new music from some of our friends labels. It all kicked off this week with 'Cardboard Hilltop' from Tangled Hair, the new solo project from Alan Welsh, ex-guitarist and singer in the much-missed Colour. Next week it'll be followed by a track from an as yet unannounced new artist of ours, who has played a huge part in the punk and hardcore scene in America for a very long time now. I'm not telling you who it is, but you should be excited!

You can subscribe to the series at and the Tangled Hair track will be sent out immediately. And as I'm feeling nice today, you can download a second, brand new song, of Alan's called 'Right Here', right here, even if you're crazy and decide not to sign up to the collection.

Here's a photo of Alan you may not want to see. Enjoy:


ricgalbraith said...

ace idea man, i may well subscribe myself for that very reasonable price, i've yet to listen to anything other than pulled apart by horses from bsm though, any hints at what we might get?

Kev said...

No hints I'm afraid. It's a fairly eclectic bunch though. Check out the music in the MP3 player at sometime and that'll give you a better idea of the sort of thing to expect