Tuesday, 26 January 2010


It never feels quite right, claiming a day of travelling north to see one of your bands play in front of 1500 people and drinking with friends as "work", but nobody can deny the tiredness which follows. Similarly it's difficult to class a night out in London, running around panicing as the still-being-refurbished venue is literally a pile of rubble and dust just 30 minutes prior to opening, before watching three amazing bands absolutely pack out and wow the room, with friendly faces grinning at every turn. The two-day tiredness is difficult to deny, however. This is why I'm sitting in bed writing this blog post. This is why I'm going to be replying to emails from my bed. This is why I love working from home. No brave faces, no cold trips to the office, just pure, warm, comfort as the batteries recharge ready to tackle the world.

Shapes will soon be departing Nottingham, heading across the border to Glasgow for their final show with Glassjaw tonight. Sunday Daryl Palumbo thanked the guys for going out with them. The excited Brummie squeal could be heard for miles.

As you will see from yesterday's post, we've announced the next part of 2010's exciting plans. Mr W.K.'s single has been flying out, breaking previous pre-order records and lighting up my inbox with PayPal confirmations upon every check. We still have a couple of new bands to announce over the coming weeks, our first homegrown talent of the new year and a couple of very exciting prospects at that. It's going to be busy and I'm not sure there's enough lie-in time in a whole year to recharge my batteries that much! Maybe this will help...?

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