Monday, 11 January 2010

Everything's starting to come together

Friday afternoon I was sitting right where I am as I type this. It had been four days since I last left the flat, there was no food in and the whole country had been forced to a halt under a blanket of snow. I was struggling with writing a press release for one of my favourite artists, getting annoyed with my HTML inabilities as I fought to update the website with news of another, whilst being frustrated by the fact that I couldn't announce a tour for one of our bands (and one of our former bands) supporting one of my top 3 of all-time. It's moments like that which both reaffirm your love for the job, and make you realise you're a dick. Struggles whilst working with three bands you have absolutely adored for nearly a decade aren't real struggles. Get a grip! This is incredible.

As you may well know by now, the touring band in question is none other than the mighty Glassjaw, and the supporting bands are our beloved Shapes and the heroes of Yorkshire's most macho rock n roll stars, Pulled Apart By Horses. An absolute triumph. Plans changed, travel booked, Manchester Academy, here I come. Full dates and details can be found on

As you may also have learnt in the past 5 minutes, the 2nd installment of our '10 Collection, new BSM signing and Friday afternoon website villain is Walter Schreifels. He of Rival Schools, Quicksand and Gorilla Biscuits fame will be releasing his debut solo record this spring. It's a brilliant record from one of the most important men in the history of punk and hardcore music, and one I'll be talking a lot more about on this blog over the coming months.

As you still won't know, because I'm not announcing it for another week yet, the third aforementioned artist now has a ready and waiting press release, along with some incredible artwork and t-shirt design, which will literally blow your mind. Sit tight.

A huge month for this tiny label, but keeping your feet well and truly on the ground is important. As such, I'm off to meet my Mum for lunch now, then home to stuff some envelopes and tackle the inbox.

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