Friday, 11 December 2009

So that's that then

I'm home, tired, confused and a little bit lonely. Having spent the past 10 days in the company of two strapping young men wielding guitars, a driver named Snoop (who's a strapping young man in his own right, albeit one with a foul mouth and a complete inability to handle service station car parks), reality feels like a cruel bitch this morning. I'm sitting here staring at the inhumane volume of emails flooding in, daydreaming of a Christmas holiday and an elf army to tackle the jobs I frankly don't have the energy for right now.

So, the tour. I don't really know where to start with it all. Once Kevin gets home from his German tour he'll send over the videos from his Flipcam, which will probably give a much better insight into the festive weirdness of the past couple of weeks than a few half-baked words from me could ever muster. In-jokes are only funny when they remain as such, kids. On a serious note, however, I would like to offer a huge Thanklin Franklin to EVERYONE who came out and celebrated the holiday season with us. It was an incredible experience with every show being amazing and memorable for a different reason. From the perfect start and the merch selling out antics of day one in Manchester, to the entirely seated audience and aftershow motown in Cardiff, to the best house show I've ever been to in Kingston, the ridiculously busy London gig (not to mention the post-gig Cuban bar outing and popping in to see John Kennedy and Jedward at Xfm!) through to the rowdy, singing Scots up in Glasgow and everyone inbetween. I think that it's fair to say this tour far exeeded all of our expectations and it simply wouldn't have been the same without you all.

Apologies if you came out hoping to pick up merch. 8/9 of the limited edition 'Splitting Up Christmas' singles are now sold out - the majority of which went in less than 20 minutes each night - and I'll be posting the final 5 or 6 copies online next week. T-shirts, despite being re-stocked twice along the way, disappeared almost immediately, we're down to about 10 posters and the new Shoes And Socks Off album completely ran out. Everything that is left has Kevin's scribble (and some interesting sketches, in some cases) on it and will be available to buy shortly. If there's anything specific you're after still, get in touch and I'll see if I can sort it out. I also have 4 cases of leftover Vitamin Water, if you'd like to make an offer...

The lovely Sophia has posted a whole host of videos from 4 of the shows here and I'm sure more can be found it you rummage around Youtube. I'll post more when I get them, but for the time being, here are a couple of my favourites, along with a handful of photos. Happy Christmas!

Kevin Devine - Say It Ain't So (Weezer cover in Norwich)

Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood (live in Kingston)

Kevin and Shoes And Socks Off - Stan (Eminem "cover" in Little Chef, Bradford)

Some photos, mostly of Shoes And Socks Off...


Liz said...

A rather belated thank you - but thank you none-the-less. Thank you for bringing Kevin to Birmingham, thank you for making sure we got our copies of the single, thank you for the laughs, for the crackers, for the sight of santa getting changed in the disco toilets (I know we shouldn't have been in the gents, but we had to see the flashing...lights)

Make sure you (and your liver) relax over christmas - it's going to be an exciting 2010!

Kev said...

Thanks Liz! It's my pleasure

Very much looking forward to next year, and hopefully a bit of a Christmas break before it!

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