Wednesday, 16 December 2009

More tour bits

The phrase "it'll get worse before it gets better" was probably written about this week. I'm in spitting distance of a Christmas break yet the backlog of work is still haunting me. It took two of us right up until 10pm last night to clear just half of the mailorders, such is the volume that they've been piling in lately. I'm certainly not complaining (keep em coming!), I just wish my flat was slightly better equipped for stock management! The long working day then lead me to dream of Toby Shoes And Socks Off and Thom Yorke playing live duets in a Houston, Texas highschool assembly, before we all made our way to the city centre to watch a volcano errupt. Perfectly normal throughout, I'd say.

Before the end of the week I'll be posting news about our next exciting tour (what, already?!), but before then I want to put a few more gems from the recent Christmas tour out there. There'll be another update or two to come on this before we're completely finished. You're welcome.

Kevin Devine - All Of Everything Erased (live in Soho)

More photos (featuring cameo's from Sam Get Cape, Secondsmile and more)...