Thursday, 17 December 2009

I used to be such a blogger

I really feel as though I've neglected you, dear blog, during the latter stages of this year. We started off so well but as time became scarce and my days spread across numerous countries and way too many cities, something had to give. I miss our long chats.

I awoke this morning, later than hoped, with that post-bad dream sense of negativity dragging me down. I decided the best medication was to lay in bed and read emails on my phone, something which generally fires me up/scares me into life/all of the above. Two messages jumped out above the others. The first was from Kevin Devine's manager with the title "Kevin!", which alarmed me with it's sterness (stupid name sharing confusion), the second was from my namesake himself with the title "Robbed." Less room for confusion here, yet all the more disheartening, it must be said. It turns out that after three weeks in Europe, some (excuse my french) German found their way into the locked backstage area of the VERY FINAL SHOW ON THE TOUR and helped themselves to Kevin's money. The tiny hint of a silver lining is that nothing else was taken, but with a full 24 hours of travelling back to New York on his hands today - via two German cities, London and Montreal - it's safe to assume it wasn't quite the way we'd hoped this trip would end. Still, such is Kevin's way, he dealt with it and remained as upbeat as one may allow under such difficult and annoying circumstances. As for me, well I hauled my arse out of bed and put things into perspective. A boring day of packing mailorders, collecting CD sleeves from printers and attacking the inbox it might be, but it could be worse.

Tomorrow is the final day for pre-Christmas 2nd class post in the UK. The last date for deliveries to Spain was 6 days ago, I found out the hard way this afternoon. If you're running low on gift ideas for your loved ones this year you have but a few more hours to come to your senses and realise that a Big Scary Monsters CD is definitely the right choice. I'll still be sending things out after tomorrow, switching to the relative luxury of 1st class and their extra couple of days grace with her majesty's service, but for the sake of my badly bruised sanity and aching hands, I urge you to order sooner rather than later. The metaphorical 'back in 5 minutes' sign will be turned over come Monday as I - fingers crossed - begin some sort of festive break. At least that's the hope.

Recently I've started to think back over the year we've just enjoyed ready for my summing up blog post, which I hope to drop in the next few days. It's certainly been a rollercoaster, thinking back to just 12 months ago with the collapse of Pinnacle and the uncertainly that laid ahead, right through to now and the excitement of 2010 which is finally within touching distance. I'm chomping at the bit to get started and have so many amazing things to tell you all. We have releases you DEFINITELY won't see coming, we have others which you will. We have a '10 Collection subscription series which I think you'll enjoy, despite being very different to the current '09 version, and we have a couple of free gifts for you too. It's easily the most positive I've ever felt about this little label going into a new year, which is either a sign of long-overdue confidence, or a precursor to a crushing demise. Only time will tell, I guess.

I'm off to get the washing out of the machine and put the leftover lasagne in the fridge. God gave me rock n roll and I threw it back in his face. "I'll just take domestic chores for tonight, thanks very much" I scoffed. Ah well, here's a very flattering blog post from my favourite Australian record label. Cheers, Sport.