Monday, 9 November 2009

Home sweet home

I'm baaack

What a fine few days away that was. Watching The Get Up Kids and Kevin Devine in New York, Washington and Philadelphia was an absolute joy and we met some wonderful people along the way. I won't bore you with the details (those of you who read the Twitter updates will already know what went on anyway) but will post a couple of videos and some photos over the next few days. Today is dedicated to 'screw this, I'm going away again' thoughts, jetlag recovery, email catchup - or at least part one of it - and Sky Plus unclogging, as the little box has racked up a fair amount of TV love for me during my stint abroad.

Whilst I was away the new issue of Record Collector magazine came out, including a lovely little interview with yours truly. I'll hopefully have a scan to post soon but if you're not one of the frankly ludicrous number of people who buy the thing ever month, here's a link to a blog post from my interviewer, Stephen Eddie, with some of my answers.

Coming later this week: An interview with Andrew from Smalltown America Records, more info on our Christmas tour, and the aforementioned USA shots, including my favourite video I've ever filmed. That's high praise when you consider the back catalogue includes beauties such as this and this.

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