Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tiredness kills

I'm having one of those difficult mornings. The kind which happens two days after a very near sleepless night, where the severe tiredness is taking hold and you find yourself staring into space, daydreaming about pointless things, and making bizarre typo's when you do manage to muster the strength to type. This is all, of course, the fault of a wonderful Sunday night in Manchester.

A shorter than usual visit to the annual In The City festival but a great time nonetheless as the BSM showcase rocked the very strange walls of TV21 in the city's trendy northern quarter. With a life size Predator adorning the front window and a giant aeroplane nose crashing through one of the walls, the upstairs bar was described as a scene from Toy Story by members of Talons, whilst downstairs looked like a war bunker decked out with fairy lights and soundtracked by some of our favourite bands. Huge thanks to everyone who left their homes for a cold Sunday night out, packing the room for rocking sets from Shapes, Talons, Shoes And Socks Off, Copy Haho, The Moi Non Plus and Wonderswan. We had a great time and I hope you did too.

I now face the daunting prospect of mass-email and mailorder catchup hell over the next 48 hours, before making my way down to Cardiff for Swn festival and the 2nd of our BSM showcase parties, and then a trip to the US. It's all go round here.

Unfortunately, something which is far from "all go" right now is the Royal Mail. Effectively ruining my life, their levels of incompetence have reached new lows recently. As anyone who happened to catch the feature on Watchdog last week will already know, there are currently thousands of parcels piled up in many sorting offices around the country, with further strikes looming to only increase the problem. And that's before you even touch on the subject of the poor people who have been subjected to fraudsters running riot with their personal details, once again thanks to our Majesty's service being unwilling/incapable of solving simple issues. It's a rant which could run on for years, but I'll round it up by saying that if you're waiting for an order from us which is more than a week old, it's a 99% certainty that some useless postman is currently sitting on it. If you're one of these people, please accept my sincere apologies and if you drop me an email, I'll send you a link to download the MP3s for your chosen purchase to give you something to listen to until the parcel arrives.

I feel a slight twinge of energy kicking in after that so I'm off to shovel my way through the pile of unread emails and add to Royal Mail's growing piles of undelivered post. Stupid Kevin Costner.

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