Tuesday, 13 October 2009

See you Swn

Yesterday I posted all of the info for our upcoming showcases at In The City and Swn festivals. Today I bring you a brief but friendly interview with Mr Huw Stephens, one of the directors and co-curators of Swn, Radio One disc jockey and all-round nice guy...

So the festival is now in its third year. How did it first come about?

Me and John Rostron were in SXSW in Austin and thinking; we really need to do one of these at home. It felt like the right time to do it and get it started, so we came up with the name (pronounced 'Soon', means 'Sound' in Welsh) and went at it like madmen.

I'm more than a little ashamed to admit that this will be my first time; what can I, and everyone else, expect from Swn?
Well, it's in venues across Cardiff. This year its more central than ever, all around Womanby St in the centre opposite the massive castle. Then there's Chapter where theres great gigs on in Canton and the Gate in Cathays, the studenty area. Cardiff's quite small and everyone's friendly, so it will be a laugh. The music is all picked by me, John and the promoters so its all good!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing over the whole weekend? No sitting on the fence now, I want the cold hard truth!
I really want to see The Drums in Dempsesy on Saturday, cos I like what I've heard so far. There's so much I want to see though. Ive never seen Drums of Death either, so I'll see them. Daedelus I can't wait to see either, at Clwb n Friday night, as he is amazing live.

For all of us out-of-towners descending on Cardiff for the weekend, where would you suggest we head for our hangover-beating breakfasts? I'm relying on your local knowledge here to keep me away from Wetherspoons!
Yes, skip Wetherspoons. On Saturday head to Jacobs Market on the top of St Mary St in to the Off the Rails cafe, it's by the station. And the breakfast is amazing. If you're up late go to Marcellos in Castle Arcade opposite the Castle.

I'm DJing after our show on the 23rd. If I play 'Boom Shake The Room' will you be on the dancefloor partying like it's 1999? I imagine at least 3/4 of Pulled Apart By Horses will be shirtless, puking and drinking shots through their eyes by that point.
I will definitely dance to that! I reckon everyone else will too to be honest. Your lineup is awesome and having you and Fear and Records on afterwards too to DJ will complete it. it'll be a lot of fun!

So there you go. Huw's gonna be on the dancefloor... Will you?

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