Friday, 16 October 2009

New Kids On The Blog #4 - Tall Ships

Following closely on from my declaration of love for Men, here's another great new band for you to check out...

Tall Ships

Hailing from Falmouth, which is likely to be roughly a million miles from where you are, no matter where you're reading this, Tall Ships have been quietly bubbling under the surface for a while now. They utilise vocal samples, synths and more to make dancey, instrumental songs which sound a little bit like an indie kid's favourite rave.

Right now, inbetween shifts recording their new EP, the band are playing a handful of shows with our mutual friends Tubelord, including their album launch show in London on Tuesday with BSM favourites, Copy Haho. Three very good reasons to buy a ticket, if you ask me.

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Paul said...

I took that photo!