Thursday, 8 October 2009

I was in 2 minds about posting this

You might be looking to kill 35 minutes of your life
In amongst the nonsense, I may say something which will interest you
It's me on TV!

It's THIRTY FIVE minutes long
I talk a lot of nonsense
It's me on TV!

At Rapturefest back in August asked if they could interview me. By this point I'd had a few drinks, watched loads of good bands (and Reading embarrassingly crushed 3-0 by Newcastle) and had managed to forget the sham that was my appearance on Swedish TV. So I agreed. And then I talked... and talked... and talked...

If nothing else, skip to the 25 minute mark and listen to my quotes about how CDs will outlive iPods, so you can come back and remind me of that in a few years time when I'm living in a house built of unsold plastic discs, without a penny to my name.

I can't embed the video, so click here to watch it

Enjoy, or whatever.

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