Monday, 7 September 2009


Feeling very low on blog title inspiration today and have seemingly regressed to the mindset of a frog. Not that I ever was a frog, so regressed was probably the wrong choice of word. Lets just file that as extra proof of a difficult day.

Here's a video of Manchester Orchestra showing you around their hotel room and (more importantly, if we're honest) Kevin Devine performing live at XFM...

Fact 1: Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra reads this blog. Hi Andy!

Fact 2: Kevin Devine's album 'Brother's Blood' is brilliant and won't be his last for the label this year. In fact, there may be two more. Ooh... Twist!

Fact 3: I've recently started using the word "twist" since laughing at it in 30 Rock, which I've become unreasonably obsessed with lately.

Fact 4: Other obsessions include fried chicken and the music of Grown Ups.

Fact 5: Grown up is a term rarely used to describe the fanbase of the band I'm listening to right now. As I've previously mentioned on one more than one occasion, there's a reason I don't let scrobble my music.

Fact 6: Scrobble is probably the most ridiculous word of the 21st century


Anonymous said...

Terrific video. Really enjoyed seeing what I tuned in and listened to. Thanks for posting it.

Excited about 2 additional KD releases for BSM - are they catalogue releases or EXCITING NEW MATERIAL?

Kev said...


All will be revealed soon regarding the new releases (sorry about the suspense!)

jen said...

have you ever heard of replying to emails? I replied to you on friday, thats 4 days!

Kev said...

Getting stick from my younger sister via blog comments. The 21st century, eh?

I'll reply now!

Anonymous said...

hi dude. love this. andy.