Monday, 14 September 2009

Joining the dots

I'm having another one of those spells where I feel as though I have loads of dotted ideas in my head, but can't quite figure out how to draw the line between them all. It's a little bit like sitting with the jumbled up pieces of a puzzle, casting your eye over the completed image on the box but unable to work out where to begin. I have the end picture in sight, it's just the process which is missing a few pieces.

A pointless blog post if ever I did write one. Hopefully more will be explained over the coming weeks as a few things start to happen, and perhaps you guys can help me dot a few i's and cross a couple of t's?

I'm off to London tonight to DJ at Andrew WK's gig at King's College. It promises to be a lot of fun although my set's going to seem a little hollow without it's usual 'Party Hard' centrepiece.

PS. MP3 fans: We now sell a number of releases digitally via for less than you can buy them on iTunes, etc etc. Get involved. Support your scene.

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