Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Home sweet home

Having been rudely awoken by my alarm at 3.45am, today has been all about flights, short blasts of sleep and remembering how comparatively cold the UK is. The past week in Cyprus has been awesome. I spent days hanging out by the hotel swimming pool, eating amazing food (so happy to find people who agree with my rice AND potatoes combination), going on a stag do with an army sniper groom and 20 complete strangers, the ensuing wedding and the time away from the internet. I'm yet to open Outlook and face the wrath of emails flooding in. That's a job for later in the week, I think.

So, what happened whilst I was gone? For one, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of MMISL Day. Loads of you wonderful people got involved by spreading the joy and wishing your friends and family many happy returns, NME gave the whole of 'Variations On Swing' away as a free MP3 download, whilst Drowned In Sound ran a lovely piece on the band and what the members are now doing. Perfectly timed with all of this, Tropics (now featuring no less than three ex-St Louis members) posted two brand new songs online.

Closer to home, The 405 magazine ran an informative little article on a handful of UK labels, profiling BSM alongside Alcopop, Gravity and Banquet, giving a little bit of an insight behind the scenes of we indies.

I'm taking the rest of today and most of tomorrow off to wash clothes, wallow in the fact that my holiday is over, complain about my sunburn and pluck up the courage to start dealing with the email backlog, but look out for loads of exciting things coming in October including news on a couple of new releases, an Autumn sale plus a few new band recommendations and an interview or two on this here blog.

Here's a photo of someone who could very well be doing an impression of me. Brits abroad, eh?

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