Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Colour - Anthology, explained

The day of Colour's last ever gig is getting ever-nearer. It's already sold out and promises to be an amazing night, in equal parts fun and sad.

On September 21st we release 'Anthology', the Colour disography. It's an album many of us hoped we wouldn't see for a long time yet, marking the unfortunately early demise of this amazing band, but at least on the bright side; it's absolutely amazing! A brilliant collection of 13 tracks spanning the last couple of years of recordings, making it an essential item for all avid fans. Alan (vocals and guitar) explains the origins of each track taken from the record:

Conversations, Silverbeast and Outerspace
These came from our second ep conversations. This EP helped us find our sound and 'Conversations' seemed to be our best recieved song so far. It pushed us on to our nextEP .

Shamu, Some Miles and Over The Moon
These three were released on another CD-R release called 'We Are All Over The Moon'. We sold this at shows and online and must have sent out quite a few. 'Shamu' named after a resident at Sea World, 'Some Miles' a re-write of an old song and 'Over The Moon', a fan favourite and set finale for many months. Colour recordist Jamie Field unleashed a phenomenal conducting talent with the 'Over The Moon' choir. Xtra Mile Records approached us to release it but asked to release 'Chutes' instead when they heard our latest efforts.

Chutes and Tired Eyes
Our first proper release on a split 7" with Rotary Ten. The b-side 'Tired Eyes' ended up left unheard until now. Both songs feature Tubelord's own Sean on bass. And 'Chutes' orchestral intro features our favourite producer Jamie Field on piano, Trood on marimba, and me
sharing a small glock with Dave Ccatmur. Or as we like to call him - Catman.

Unicorns, Run Like You're Being Chased and Jewels Like Fairy Lights
After a long break we released this EP, our new manager, Stars Redmond, put together a nice cd and vinyl combo. Yes i said combo, like on Mortal Kombat or Tony Hawks. 'Unicorns' probably took the longest time to write of all colour songs. 'Run Like You're Being Chased' is how Lewis' p.e. teacher described his 100 meter sprint. It is my favourite Colour song.

Talullah's My Mothers Name and Dinosaurs
'Talullah' would probably have become our next single to follow 'Unicorns' but wasn't yet recorded when we split. When BSM approached us to release our back catalogue we thought we ought to record these last songs so they didn't get lost in the sands of time...

And there you go. Colour. 'Anthology'. RIP.


Anonymous said...

these guys are SO crazy!
what a great album.

Anonymous said...

didn't realise it was releasing on the 21st. Ordered mine as soon as i heard of it

Speke (Progressive Rock Band) said...

The best follow up to Meet Me In St Louis..

Really like it!

Shame they split so soon... first Meet me, now these guys!

didnt get to see either live :(

Anonymous said...

This band are faarrrkinnn sick! can't believe they broke up! SUCH a sham!