Thursday, 3 September 2009


This is my 500th blog post. Lets take a moment to let that information set in...

Seriously, five-hundredth?!!

I've been watching the little counter ticking over as I bounced my way through the four-hundreds and sped towards this landmark. To anyone who has read the full half-century: Thanks. And sorry. Its been a long and often boring ride, but hopefully you've found the odd rose amongst the thorns.

I started wondering what I should write about to mark such a brilliantly round number of blog posts and there was only ever going to be one winner; another round number.


It seems like only yesterday we were talking about '50 Not Out', our 50th release, which saw the light of day in April 2008 in the form of a 50 track (you've spotted the pattern, right?) MP3 compilation CD. It was a fine day and something I was very proud of. Well guess what? Next summer will see our 100th release! Somehow - and I honestly have no idea how - we've already managed to bash through almost 30 releases since last April, and have another 30 sitting in the schedule between now and the start of 2011. With a bit of careful counting, the big 100 sits squarely in the middle, exciting, intimidating and boastful.

So... What do we do? I've got a few ideas, and will no doubt have a million more by the time the date comes around, but what you can be sure of is we're going to celebrate in style, people! We're talking cake and hats here!

Pens at the ready, fact fans

Having checked and double-checked the release schedule to ensure we really are fast-approaching this milestone in DIY music, I noticed one or two interesting, erm, "mishaps" in our past. Riddle me these...

For some reason, the catalogue numbers between BSM010 (FogDonkey's 'Hot Town Fever' CD - our 13th release in Feb '04) and BSM020 (Jeniferever's 'Iris' CDEP - our 16th release in June '04) do not exist. During that period we released two 7" singles, but nothing more, and neither of those were officially marked with numbers of any kind. '50 Not Out' is listed at BSM053, whilst the four releases running up to it were BSM044, BSM054, BSM056 and BSM055, in that order. The ability to count is not in my job description, apparently. However, despite all of these issues and confusions, our 100th release is currently on track to be BSM100. All's well that ends well, as they say.

Another somewhat surprising discovery is the fact that BSM is in fact a very sexist label. By the time we reach 100 we will have worked with 59 different bands (not including those from compilations), incorporating somewhere in the region of 200 people; with a grand total of just 7 females!



BSM is a male chauvinist record label which can't count, releases a silly number of bands, writes an even sillier number of blog posts and plans to turn 100 by eating cake.

Here's to the next round number. Cheers!

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