Thursday, 6 August 2009

Shoes And Twitter's Off

Typical eh? The one time I actually NEED Twitter, as opposed to my usual "blah blah blah, self-indulgent, pointless musings" time wasting, it isn't bloody working! And to make matters worse, Facebook appears to be struggling too! So here I am, in my hour of need (ok, perhaps that's a touch dramatic, but you get the picture) and all I can do is post a sodding Myspace bulletin to get my news out. Seriously, has anyone read one of those since 2004?

Anyway, news is the 2nd Shoes And Socks Off album is now available to pre-order on limited edition CD or purchase as a cheap MP3 set and you can download 3 free tracks from our Friend of The Family site. There. Done.

Now to get back to my angry internet failure rants...

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