Friday, 7 August 2009

Planning a rant

I can feel a moan coming on. It falls in line with my time machine story and a comment I posted on a blog earlier today. I'm trying to bite my tongue for the moment, mostly because I'm hungover and therefore in a fairly negative mood, so will hold off for the moment.

In happier news, I drunkenly bought some incredible t-shirts online last night. I might even post pictures when they arrive as they really do deserve to be shared with the world. It made me realise how much better American bands 'do merch' than us Brits. Obviously it's not always the case, there'll certainly be a fair few exceptions, but trawling through the pages at was a real eye-opener. I must've attempted to force the enjoyment of at least 10 hardcore bands just so I could try and justify buying their shirts. I even found myself liking the odd 3OH!3 design, which was worrying. Unfortunately the US vs UK subject of promotion, marketing and design leads me onto another possible rant, so I'll add that to the list of topics to back away from for the moment. This hangover must be worse than I'd realised, it's just spewing bad vibes today!

A quick link to leave you with, before I return to my book (currently reading Chris Anderson's 'Free', which if it's anything like The Long Tail will be nicely summed up in one article, and excruciatingly dragged out in hardback) and watching England throw the cricket away... I've listed 20 BSM releases on eBay, having come across a few odd-copies of sold out items whilst tidying up. There's just one of each, all started at 99p and end in 5 days time. A good chance to pick up a bargain or two, and I might even give you positive feedback. Unless I'm hungover again, of course.

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