Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Out of office - Something new

I gave myself a day off yesterday. Not a proper day off though. I didn't spend it playing computer games, kicking back in front of the telly or getting drunk, which are activities I believe people who don't suffer from compulsive working disorders sometimes enjoy when taking time away from their jobs. Instead, I spent it working on a new project. It's something which will run alongside BSM and be a lot of fun, giving me a chance to really flex the creative muscles which are sometimes forgotten during the ongoing record label slog. For the 3rd night running I found myself unable to sleep as I tap away at multiple text messages full of notes and ideas, neatly filed away in the drafts folder of my phone alongside 6 months worth of promo plans for the current crop of BSM bands. I really should find a better way to record this shit.

Off to London (again!) tonight for the Holy Monsters launch at Old Blue Last. Come down if you're in the area. It's free entry and The Tupolev Ghost, Shapes, Brontide and Holy State will be playing, with the order of bands to be decided this evening. The records are in and look amazing, so they'll be on sale. Pre-orders are going out later this week and everyone should've already received their free digital sampler link via email. Get in touch if you haven't.

This weekend Blakfish played Sonisphere festival and you'll never guess who they met...

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